Author:  Beth Johnson

I recently had cataract surgery.  The cataracts were unusually thick and had an orange cast causing every color that I was seeing to be distorted.  When both surgeries were completed, I was amazed to discover that the woodwork in my home was really white, not eggshell, and that the red blouse I rarely wore because it tended toward the yellow side of the spectrum didn’t have any yellow in it at all!  I now find myself closely looking at things I had barely noticed before and it is like seeing them for the first time. Those weeds that have been a major annoyance in the past actually have the cutest tiny white flowers. The sky is really blue. The icons on my computer have the most wonderful colors.

That got me to thinking.  What other things have I been viewing through distorted lenses?  Am I still seeing a co-worker through the lens of an argument that occurred five years ago?  Am I letting a cloudy lens keep me from seeing the tremendous love in a little one crawling into my lap with a book even if I am extra tired?  Am I seeing the awakening spring as God’s Valentine to me?

Jesus said that he came to give sight to the blind.  During these remaining weeks of Lent, ask him to remove your spiritual cataracts so that you can truly see things… and people… as he does.