Author: Beth Johnson

We had a hard freeze this winter that lasted several days.  In spite of covering plants, many of them died, and gardens are home to dry, seemingly lifeless bushes.  I have been seeing a clump of dead branches every time I park my car. But if I just look more deeply, I can see life regenerating itself.  People take selfies and delete them because they are unimpressed with the way they look. If they would just see the whole picture, they would notice the gorgeous scenery in which they are standing.  Someone runs into your car while you are stopped for a red light then speeds away before you can get any insurance information. You become so on caught up in everything that will be involved in getting the car repaired that you don’t even see the bedraggled wildflower your toddler brings you or the overwhelming love that prompted the gift.

It was like that on Easter Sunday.  The holy women, the apostles, the disciples on the way to Emmaus were so focused on Jesus, dead in the tomb, that they didn’t even recognize him when he was standing in front of them.  The tomb could not contain Jesus; God called him to Resurrection.

He calls us to Resurrection as well…not just as an end-of-life experience, but each day, and many times each day.  God does not want us caught in tombs, even tombs of our own making.

Do you entomb yourself in anger and resentment or do you choose God’s call to Resurrection through forgiveness?  Do you bury yourself in anxiety and worry or do you rise from that tomb with God’s gift of faith? You are God’s beloved.  He calls you to fullness of life not burial in the tombs of separation from him. Be at peace.