Author: Beth Johnson

I’ve been told that God always answers our prayers but that sometimes he says, “No.”  This is to explain why we pray ardently for something and it just doesn’t happen. The child suffering from some traumatic injury dies; the cancer that we ask God to remove does not get better; the financial assistance that we really need does not come through. We ask God and he says, “No.”

We take it for granted that we know what we need; God just has to give it to us!  And therein lies the problem. God always answers our prayers, but sometimes the miracle that he  wants to give us is not the one we asked for. Yet we cling to what we want to receive rather than being open to what God wants to give us.  In effect, we want to control God’s actions. We expect to tell him what we want and have him give it to us. And if he doesn’t, our faith in him dims a little.

But our loving Father knows what we need and we can be certain that if we ask God for something, he will give us what we need… it just may not be what we want.