Meet Your Facilitators

Single, married women, as well as young mothers are among participants in the retreat. Widows and women who are separated or divorced attend. All are part of the same sisterhood of young women seeking God in the midst of their lives.

The group is structured to be a safe and gentle place to articulate your experiences so, of course, you would not be forced to share. Generally, the retreatants feel comfortable fairly quickly. You might surprise yourself!

Movement prayer is slow meditative movements in harmony with a spoken prayer (such as the Our Father) recited by a guide. No previous knowledge or skill is required.

Let us know of these prior to the retreat and every effort will be made to address this. Also, there is refrigeration available to you for food you bring from home.

One of the facilitators will be available throughout the retreat 24/7 in case of emergencies.

The most common religious retreats are preached retreats which consist of hour long talks followed by private reflection and directed retreats in which one meets with a spiritual director once a day, then prays alone with scriptures provided by the director for the remainder of the day.
The facilitators of Retreats for Young Women guide the group in using art, music, nature, story, poetry, etc. as a way of opening to a personal encounter with God. You are given time alone to use this approach and reflect. Then back in the group you have the opportunity to share your experiences in the safe, welcoming embrace of the group.

Use the “comments” section of Contact Us to state that and include your cell number. You’ll be contacted to see what your needs are and what is available for you. (Limited resources should not be a reason to keep you from the retreat. We’ll do all we can to help you.)

Many young women feel a little intimidated by the idea of a silent retreat. We actually begin the retreat with a social so you will get to meet the retreatants before we begin and during the retreat there are specific times for group reflection. But more to the point, spiritual seekers through the years have found that silence and solitude facilitate an encounter with God. Until we enter the quiet, the world still has a hold on us.

No. The retreats are inclusive, open to young women of all faith traditions. The only thing you “have to be” is a seeker.